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ZMM LS 600 M

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  • Reference number Reference number 1069-2118
    Operation Hours Operation Hours not applicable
  • Vendor

    HESSE + CO Maschinenfabrik GesmbH
    Industriezentrum NÖ-Süd, Straße 4 Objekt 8
    2351 Wiener Neudorf
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  • Main Category

    Metal working machines
  • Category

  • Type of Machine

    Teach-In lathes
  • Manufacturer

  • Technical data

    ca. 4 Monate ab Auftragse
    68840 €
    1383.68 €
    600 mm
    1500 mm
    300 mm
    80 mm
    400 mm
    400 mm
    90 M
    20 - 100, 80 - 400, 400 - U/Min
    max. 8 m/min
    max. 8 m/min
    290 mm
    90 mm
    5 MK
    225 mm
    11 kW
    3,5 / 22 kW/Nm
    1,75 / 11 kW/Nm
    120 Nm
    1250 daN
    1050 daN
  • Description

    Fast and simple communication between the operator and the lathe. Simple workpieces are machined in the same way as on the universal lathe, but more efficient. Complicated workpieces are machined in the same way as on the universal lathe, but faster. Complicated workpieces are machined in the same way as on the CNC lathe, but easier. Based on the controller Schneider Magelis the intelligent, self-developed ZMM Sliven software leads the operator also without programming skills simple and fast to the finished workpiece. The interface is simple and with large icons, which is convenient in a specific work environment. The intuitive menu facilitates the transition to next screens and operations. Well visualized and structured cyclic operations,threads and steps. Possibility to set up the feeds, threads, etc. both mechanically and digitally (via the display). The manual, automatic and combined mode allows more precise operation compared to universal lathe. Easy transition from manual to automatic operation mode. ACCESSORIES: Siemens motor with Siemens Inverter (3 gear steps) CNC control Schneider Magelis Quick change tool post Amestra Multifix Typ C inkl. 4 Halter (3x Rechteck, 1 Rund) 3-jaw chuck Bison 3204/DIN6350, Ø 250 mm, max. 2500 r/min Spindle dead center Ball screw spindles for longitudinal and cross axes Coolant equipment Full length rear splash guard Spindle protection Splash guard for the chuck Levelling bols and shims Quick release tailstock Machine lamp Operating manual Machine according to "CE“ FURTHER TURNING LENGTHS: 1000 mm € 67.640,00 2000 mm € 70.240,00 3000 mm € 72.940,00 4000 mm € 75.840,00 5000 mm € 78.640,00

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