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Shipbuilding presses are special hydraulic presses used in the marine industry for the production of metal parts and components. These presses can be available in various sizes and capacities and are tailored to meet the needs of ship production. Shipbuilding presses are commonly used to bend, cut, shape and join sheet metal and profiles. They can also be used to press parts such as rivets, bolts and pins, or to machine large components such as hull and deck plates. The use of shipbuilding presses enables efficient and precise production of ship parts and components, which can lead to higher quality, lower costs and shorter construction times.

Bakker Yard 250 Shipyard Press
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Bakker Yard 250 Shipyard Press
Metal working machines
Manufacturer: Bakker
Type of Machine:
Shipbuilding Presses
Manufacture Year: 1972
State: Used
Babberich Netherlands

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