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Hole punchers and punching tools are tools used to make holes in materials such as paper, fabric or leather. They are commonly used in offices, tailor stores, craft stores and other industries. Hole punch tools are also known as hole punchers or perforators. They are usually made of metal and have a handle that is pressed to punch a hole punch into the material. There are different sizes and shapes of hole punches, depending on the need. Hole punch tools, on the other hand, are usually hand-operated tools used to drill or punch holes in materials. There are a variety of punching tools, such as punches, drills, and needles. In tailoring, piercing tools such as awls are used to make holes in fabrics so they can be sewn. Also, in metalworking, piercing tools such as punching tools are used to make holes in metal parts. Overall, hole punching tools and hole making tools are indispensable tools in many industries and play an important role in the manufacturing and processing of materials.

MUBEA KLH 500610
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MUBEA KLH 500610
Metal working machines
Manufacturer: MUBEA
Type of Machine:
Punching units and tools
State: Used
WMT GmbH & Co.KG
Velen-Ramsdorf Germany

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