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  • Reference number Reference number 776609
    Manufacture Year Manufacture Year 2002
    Operation Hours Operation Hours not applicable
  • Vendor

    Surplex GmbH
    Wahlerstraáe 4
    40472 Dsseldorf
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  • Main Category

    Metal working machines
  • Category

    Surface Treatment, Finishing Plant & Equipment
  • Type of Machine

    Powder Coating, Wet Paint Plant & Equipment
  • Manufacturer

  • Description

    Complete KTL (cathodic dip painting) plant with overhead conveyor and accessories Working area Mass of component max.approx. : 950 kg Tank dimensions approx.: 3600 x 2380 x 1000 mm Workpiece dimensions approx.: 3200 x 1600 x 700 mm Structure of the plant Degreasing Removal of solid particles then of oils First rinsing Removal of the cleaning fluid from the degreasing bath Pickling Oxidised parts only and recovery of poorly painted parts. Second and Third rinsing Removal of previous fluids Refining Preparation for phosphating Phosphating (two stations) Phosphate layer increases colour adhesion and corrosion resistance Fourth rinse Washes off excess phosphate coating Fifth rinse Washing with water before painting Cathodic dip coating This is where the actual paint is applied. Washing through UFR1 Recovery of superfluous paint and improvement of the appearance. Washing with UFR2 Enhancement of the effect from UFR1 ADR rinse Spray rinsing before the oven Polymer oven (baking oven) Hot air blower 150 mm insulating plates Gas burner Workpiece temperature approx.: 180 C° Blowing temperature: 190 C° Throughput time: 32 min Circulating air flow: 2 x 28,000 m³/h The unit is sold including accessories Pumps Filter systems Tanks Overhead conveyor Have a look at our video of the plant as well as the technical data in PDF.
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