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  • Reference number Reference number 790984
    Manufacture Year Manufacture Year 2018
    Operation Hours Operation Hours not applicable
  • Vendor

    Surplex GmbH
    Wahlerstraáe 4
    40472 Dsseldorf
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  • Main Category

    Metal working machines
  • Category

    Sheet Metalforming machines
  • Type of Machine

    Manual Folding machines
  • Manufacturer

  • Description

    machine no.: 37000023 useful length: 3240 mm power (Rm 400N/mm²): 6,0 mm stroke upper beam: 850 mm lowering of bending trough: 180 mm bending centre adjustment: 80 mm max. speed upper beam up/down: 100 mm/sec max. clamping force of upper beam: 1000 kN max. bending speed: 150 °/sec max. bending angle (with tool angle 30°): 150 ° min. bending leg length at angle 0° - 90°: 7 x t mm min. length of bending leg at angle 90° - 150°: 8 x t mm min. inner bending radius: 1.5 x t mm motor power upper beam: 2 x 9.45 kW motor power bending beam: 2 x 9,42 kW rated power: 37.0 kVa Equipment includes: Up'n Down bending beam, automatically controlled Stop system: Positioning stop 10 - 3400 mm in U-shape with left and right 4 sectors Stop area in the middle 1 sector (aisle) Panel for individual positioning of the control Pneumatic lowering of the fence fingers Steel balls in the support table Angle stop left and right 1500 mm (outside) Servo inverter controlled drives for upper beam, bending beam, D-axis and fence Upper beam geometry 180° Pre-switch-off upper beam from 15 mm Tool clamping upper beam hydraulic (WZS 5000) Tool clamping bending beam pneumatic (WZS 7000) Standard equipment without tools Motorised bending beam adjustment programme-controlled Motorised bending centre adjustment 100 mm Crowning device for bending beam, manual central adjustment Foot switch 2-pedal with protective cover Foundation plates incl. dowels Working safety by light curtain controlled by safety PLC for operation from behind Colour RAL 7035 light grey / RAL 5003 sapphire blue POS 3000 - 3D graphic control View of product and machine in three-dimensional representation Product creation by free drawing (with finger) Automatic bending sequence calculation Fast axis control via Ethernet Powerlink Open Ethernet interface for easy integration into the company network Control on the swivelling panel 21 TFT touch-screen colour display 2.0 GB RAM Windows 7 / Intel Core i5 2.5 GHz Unlimited number of product storage locations Limitation of number of bending cycles only by computer performance Dynamic axis speeds and ramps in the drive axes Partial steps in radius function > 1000 Unlimited number of tool storage locations Tool set-up instructions Number of material data unlimited Graphic collision detection workpiece-machine body Language preselection: D, GB, E, RUS and others freely translatable Switchover mm / inch Machine accessories: Speedoptimizer Z-axis drive (max. axis speed: 120 mm/s) Motorised central crowning Centre of rotation adjustment ,6.900,00 Drive frequency converter controlled Lifting height of upper beam to 1030 mm Options for POS 3000 Radius Step Bending Function 1.060,00 External programming (PC version) 1. licence Remote maintenance (connection via RJ45 network cable to be provided by customer) Stop 2 pneumatically lowerable angle stops mounted on the aisle Suction plates in stop table automatically controlled via POS 3000 Turning device integrated in the fence table Tools upper beam: Fully automatic tool changer Tool changing portal for upper beam tools with hydraulic tool clamping for maximum upper beam tool height 400 mm (without tools) (8 axes in total), two asynchronously movable tool changers with one gripper unit each - incl. closed safety fence with side door - incl. air-conditioning units on both control cabinets Tools upper beam WZS 6000,approx. 1100 N/mm² tensile strength surface-hardened (gas-nitrided) tool foot rail C for tool changer h= 300 mm, 30°, R 1.0, clearance 70 mm No. 1 - L = 2x (30/35/40/45/50/55/60)= 630 mm No. 2 - L = 34x 80 mm No. 3 - L = 2x 160 = 320 mm (corner pieces) Total length 3670 mm Tools top beam WZS 6000, approx. 1100 N/mm² tensile strength Surcharge for fold-out corner pieces, per pair s= 3 mm, quantity: 4 pieces Tools bending beam: Tools bending beam WZS 7000, approx. 1100 N/mm² tensile strength Bending bar cranked, segmented b= 65/15 mm, h= 101/81 mm No.1 - L = 2x (25,30,35,40,45,50) = 450 mm No.2 - L = 14x 200 mm Tools Bending beam WZS 7000, approx. 1100 N/mm² tensile strength Bending bar cranked, segmented b= 65/40 mm, h= 101/81 mm No.1 - L = 2x (25,30,35,40,45,50) = 450 mm No.2 - L = 14x 200 mm Tools lower beam: Tools lower beam WZS 10000, approx. 1100 N/mm² tensile strength Bottom beam Up and Down 30°, R 1.0 one-piece, directly screwed with finger grooves b= 117 mm h= 69 mm Special accessories: Bending rail in special geometry for beak opening: 58.000,00 Folding press working length 3000 mm external folding press movable in front of the machine.
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