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HERA UM III 1000 x 8 mm

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  • Reference number Reference number 1073-76531
    Operation Hours Operation Hours not applicable
  • Vendor

    Frech GmbH
    Werderstrasse 82
    74889 Sinsheim
    Showroom Logo
  • Main Category

    Metal working machines
  • Category

    Sheet Metalforming machines
  • Type of Machine

    Hydraulic Folding machines
  • Manufacturer

  • Control

    ELGO TYP 86
  • Technical data

    sheet width
    1050 mm
    plate thickness
    8,00 mm
    distance between columns
    1250 mm
    angle adjustable from - to
    0 - 180 Grad
    upper clamping bar adjustment
    350 mm
    traversing speed
    OW 4,4 mm/sek
    ELGO TYP 86
    back stop - adjustable
    max. 1000 mm
    engine output
    5,5 kW
    weight of the machine ca.
    3200 kg
    range L-W-H
    1900 x 2600 x 1600 mm
  • Description

    ** maintained condition
    ** with a lot of bending tools (!!)
    ** Pointed rails, radius rails, bending rails, divided goat's foot rails etc.

    - heavy duty heavy duty folding machine, easy to operate
    - Angle adjustment via electric potentiometer
    - ELGO NC control unit TYPE 86 for electric backgauge
    - NC electric backgauge, with rear sheet metal support surface
    - electric/motorized bending beam
    - Electric/motorized upper beam .. max. 350 mm
    - manual lower beam adjustment .. max. 125 mm
    - manual bending beam adjustment .. max. 125 mm
    - Upper beam with 2x guide spindles
    - 1x free moving foot control
    - 1x mobile tool cabinet for bending tools

    Manufacturer description:
    - electronic lifting height and bending angle adjustment
    - Deactivation of the upper beam lifting height and the clamping pressure via
    timing relay and voltage meter
    - Pushbuttons for controlling the upper and bending beam with manual switching,
    included Upper beam can also be operated via foot switch
    - Adjustability of all cheeks
    - Silent twin motors oil bath worm gear
    - Two-way drive of upper and bending beam via 2 continuous shafts
    - Drive of the upper beam via threaded spindles
    - Drive of the bending beam via internal toothed segments

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