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A recirculating chiller is a device used in many technical applications to cool and condense a liquid or gas. Recirculating chillers are used, for example, in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. A recirculating chiller normally works on the principle of heat transfer. The medium to be cooled (usually a gas or liquid) is passed through a pipe circuit surrounded by a cooling medium (usually water). In the process, the medium to be cooled gives off heat to the cooling medium, causing it to cool and change to a liquid state. The recirculating chiller is often used as part of a larger process to cool and condense the cooling medium so it can be reused. Recirculating chillers are available in a variety of designs, depending on the requirements of the application. For example, there are air coolers, where the cooling medium is passed through a heat exchanger surrounded by air, and water coolers, where the cooling medium is passed through a heat exchanger surrounded by water.

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Manufacturer: POLO
Type of Machine:
Manufacture Year: 2010
State: Used
EMUK Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH
Malsch Germany

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