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Buy Used Handoperated Spindle Presses

Hand-operated screw presses are manually operated presses that use a thread to apply a large force to the material being processed. They consist of a base, a spindle, a die and a handle. The operator turns the handle, which drives the spindle, and the spindle presses the die against the material to form or press it. Hand-operated screw presses are often used for processing wood, plastic and metal. Hand-operated screw presses have the advantage that they are easy to operate and do not require a power supply. Therefore, they are lightweight and portable and can be used anywhere, even in places where no power supply is available. However, hand-operated screw presses also have some disadvantages. They are not as effective as hydraulic or mechanical presses and can only generate limited forces. They also require some skill and practice to achieve the desired result, as they are less precise than hydraulic or mechanical presses. In addition, they are not as versatile as hydraulic or mechanical presses, as they are only suitable for certain materials and applications.

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Metal working machines
Manufacturer: OSTERWALDER
Type of Machine:
Handoperated Spindle Presses
State: Used
Muller Machines SA
Brügg BE Switzerland

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