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NLX 6000|2000 (Reference-Nr. 071618)

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  • Reference number Reference number 071618
    Manufacture Year Manufacture Year 2017
    Operation Hours Operation Hours not applicable
  • Vendor

    DMG MORI Global Marketing GmbH
    80807 München
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  • Main Category

    Metal working machines
  • Category

  • Type of Machine

    CNC lathes (4 or more axes)
  • Manufacturer

  • Control

  • Description

    CNC Turning Centre; Control: Control M730UM with CELOS
    Max machining diameter 920 mm
    Max. Turning Length 2000 mm
    Swing- Ø, max. 733 mm
    Drive power main spindle 45/37 kW
    Rapid feed X / Z 20/24 m/min
    Input precision of C-axis on Mainspindle 0,001 degree
    Movements X / Z 485/2150 mm
    Number of tool stations 12
    Speed max. 1600 rpm
    Bar diameter max. 116 mm
    Weight approx. 19900 Kg
  • Specification

    CELOS - ERGOline Touch CELOS - ERGOline Touch to facilitate machine operation incl. 21.5 ERGOline Touch ® control with multi touch screens Uniform management, documentation and visualization of order, process - and machine data Networkable with CAD / CAM User friendly and p
    (Left Spindle) Hollow Cylinder set for KITAGAWA 24in. Hollow Chuck B-24A1521D (without chuck body) (SK-OP) (Left Spindle) Hollow Cylinder Set for 24-inch) Chuck B-24A1521D (Bar work capacity dia. 117 mm (4.61 inch)) Hollow cylinder and draw bar are included as a set. Chuck is not included. Please see the chuck-cylinder combination diagram for the combination
    (Left Spindle) KITAGAWA 24in. Hollow Chuck B-24A1521D (SK-OP) (Left Spindle) KITAGAWA 24-inch Hollow Chuck B-24A1521D Three-jaw hydraulic chuck manufactured by Kitagawa Iron Works. Chuck outer diameter: Ø610 mm (dia.24.02 inch.) Through-hole diameter: Ø165 mm (dia.6.5 inch.) Gripping diameter: Max. Ø610 mm (dia.2
    Chuck foot switch (double) for spindle 1 Chuck foot switch (double) for spindle 1 You can open/close the chuck with two foot switches.
    Turret : Y-axis Turret: Y-axis It moves the turret in the Y-axis direction. In combination with the rotary tool spindle and spindle 2, it implements process integration for workpieces with complicated shapes. Please refer to the turret interference diagrams for the mova
    Rotary tool spindle 117/62.3 Nm, Rotary Tool Spindle 117/62.3 Nm (86.29/45.95 ft·lbf), 4,000 min-1 Standard rotary tool spindle for the 12-station in-house bolt-tightened turret specification. BMT (Built-In Motor Turret) is installed with the milling specification, and the oil jacket
    12-station bolt-tightened turret (standard specification) (Y, SY, SMC) 12-Station Bolt-Tightened Turret (Standard Specification) (Y, SY, SMC) In-house 12 station turret. Please refer to the axis travel diagrams and turret interference diagrams for the movable region. Number of tool stations: 12 Shank height for square too
    Tailstock spindle built-in center MT5 (Standard) Tailstock Spindle Built-in Center MT5 (Standard Specifications) The built-in center specification is suitable for heavy cutting. The built-in center can be shaped into various forms and is relatively inexpensive. Taper hole of tailstock spindle: MT5 (bui
    Foot switch for tailstock (SK-OP) Foot Switch for Tailstock The tailstock is advanced or retracted using two foot switches.
    Chip conveyor (right discharge, hinge type) (/2000) Chip Conveyor (Right Discharge, Hinge Type) (/2000) Chips are conveyed on the hinged plates and discharged to the right side of the machine. The hinged plate is effective in discharging long chips. Not suitable for discharging minute powdery chips gener
    Mist collector (AFS 1600), including stand Mist Collector (AFS 1600), Including Stand The mist collector collects dust and particles and condenses oil mist and smoke generated during the machining process. The filtered mist is returned back to the coolant tank. This option includes stand to moun
    (Spindle 1) Automatic in-machine tool presetter (pivoting type, without Air blow for presetter, need to clean manually before measuring) (Standard) (Spindle 1) Automatic In-machine Tool Presetter (Pivoting Type, without Air Blow for Presetter, Need to Clean Manually before Measuring) (Standard) It simplifies the complicated setup work at the tool change. The position of the tool nose is measured pr
    Automatic door (/2000) The front door is opened and closed automatically using the air cylinder. Even when the operator is caught by the front door, the tape switch installed in the door is immediately activated to stop the door. Automatic door opening width: 2,560 mm (100.79
    Setting Unit mm Setting Unit, MM The unit to be used for the screen display and program commands is set to millimeter (mm). Turning: MM specification for the turret Horizontal machining center: MM specification for the tapped pallet
    Transformer 95 kVA Transformer 95 kVA three phase autotransformer in cabinet CLPB 50F-0727T08001
    Gear Hobbing Gear Hobbing This function enables to make a program with guidance and machine spur and helical gear using hob cutter. Regarding machining possibility including machining accuracy, please contact DMG MORI sales staff *Need to select these [ NC option
    Thread re-cutting Thread re-cutting This function allows the thread cutting operation of a workpiece that had already previously been removed with the thread cutting operation.
    DXF Import function DXF Import function By importing 2D CAD data (DXF data), data for workpieces with complex contours can be input easily. Data import is possible in the GENERAL, MILLING, and HOLE processes of the machining menu. ·Program creation time is substantially re
    (Only for Europe) Islands, open pockets Islands, open pockets Islands ·Programming process can be greatly simplified because minimum input operation is required even for the complex machining. Open pockets Definition of open pockets eliminates tool paths with no machining allowance, makin
    Text Engraving Function Text Engraving Function Program for text engraving can be output. Note: Only available for milling specification.
    (Only for Europe) High-speed canned cycle High-speed canned cycle High-speed cutting can be specified with one line of program. This function enables the user to reduce programming time by adding a new cycle that can create a high-speed, time saving complicated programs.
    MORI-APL MORI-APL is an application that enables a programmer to create machining programs easily just by entering the machining data into the items displayed sequentially on the screen. The created programs are centrally managed. MORI-APL is fully compatible w
    Screen display German Screen display German Language on MAPPS Screen: German Language on MAPPS Warning Screen: German Language on NC Screen: German Language on PC Screen: German
    Special equipment - Automatic centering steady rest I/F THL plus 510 (quick-change, carriage direct-coupled, dia. 85-350) - Modify steady rest I/F (THL plus 510 ==> RX6Z) (quick-change, carriage direct-coupled) - Steady rest RX6 SMW Autoblok
    Special equipment Various tool holders
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