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CLX 450 (Reference-Nr. 071631)

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  • Reference number Reference number 071631
    Manufacture Year Manufacture Year 2023
    Operation Hours Operation Hours not applicable
  • Vendor

    DMG MORI Global Marketing GmbH
    80807 München
    Showroom Logo
  • Main Category

    Metal working machines
  • Category

  • Type of Machine

    CNC lathes (4 or more axes)
  • Manufacturer

  • Control

  • Description

    2 Axes Universal Turning Machine - tool drive - C axis - Y axis - Direct measuring system for X / Y axis; Control: DMG MORI SLIMline® multi-touch control
    Slide 1
    Longitudinal stroke 830 mm
    Transverse stroke 271 mm
    Y axis, vertical +/- 60 mm
    Rapid traverse in X 30 m/min
    Rapid traverse in Z 30 m/min
    Rapid traverse in Y 22,5 m/min
    Working area
    Swing diameter over transverse guideway 370 mm
    Swing diameter over guide ways 700 mm
    Turning diameter 400 mm
    Bar diameter max. 80 mm
    Main drive 1
    Drive power (100% DC) 17 kW
    Drive power (40% DC) 25,5 kW
    Speed range - 4000 rpm
    Torque (100% DC) 283 Nm
    Max. torque (40% DC) 426 Nm
    C-Axis Speed -200 rpm
    Torque of C-Axis (holding torque) 630 Nm
    Tool holder 1
    Number of tool stations 12
    Shank diametre according to DIN 69880 40 mm
    Number of driven tools 12
    Speed max. -4000 rpm
    Power max. (40% DC) 5,44 kW
    Floor space/Weight
    Dimensions (L x W x H) 3,0 x 2,66 x 1,94 (4,30 x 2,43 x 1,94) m
    Weight approx. 5900 Kg
  • Specification

    DMG MORI IoTconnector IoTconnector connects DMG MORI machines as well as third-party machines with CELOS. Standardized interfaces enable data exchange between the IoTconnector and CELOS APPs such as the NETservice. The integrated firewall with automatic updates ensures the h
    Pre-setting Package Pre-setting package: Option includes: - tool pre-setting probe MARPOSS - chip conveyor with right side discharge instead of chip tank - signal lamp with 4 colours
    Hydr. chuck, type Samchully MH-210, D 82 mm Hydraulic 3-jaw chuck D254 mm SAMCHULLY MH-210 Option includes set of hard jaws and connecting elements Chuck through hole: D82 mm
    12 bar / coolant set 12 bar / coolant set Option includes: - high pressure pump 12 bar; - double cartridge filter for coolant; When one filter is stuck, operator can manually switch the coolant flow to the second one and clean or change the plugged filter without stopping t
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