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DMF 300|11 (Reference-Nr. 030319)

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  • Reference number Reference number 030319
    Manufacture Year Manufacture Year 2022
    Operation Hours Operation Hours not applicable
  • Vendor

    DMG MORI Global Marketing GmbH
    80807 München
    Showroom Logo
  • Main Category

    Metal working machines
  • Category

    Milling machines
  • Type of Machine

    Bed milling machines (moving column)
  • Manufacturer

  • Control

  • Description

    Travelling column machine; Control: CELOS with Siemens 840D sl Operate
    Working area 1
    Longitudinal 3000 mm
    Cross 1100 mm
    Vertical 1050 mm
    Feed drives:
    Feed rate X / Y / Z 42000/42000/42000 mm/min
    Rapid feed X / Y / Z 42/42/42 m/min
  • Specification

    NC-swivel head (B-axis) Controlled NC-swivel milling head (B-axis) with clamping in position. Continuously positioning NC swivel milling head with integrated motor spindle for 4/5 axes positioning and simultaneous machining. Swivel torque: 3,300 / 2,300 Nm // 2,433 / 1,696 ft
    Cabine Full protection cabin
    Spindle speed 15,000 rpm, 200Nm Motor spindle speedMASTER® HSK-A63 Spindle speed 20 - 15,000 min-1 Output 46 kW / 30 kW (62 hp / 40 hp) Torque 200 Nm / 130 Nm (148 ft lbs / 96 ft lbs) (40 / 100 % duty cycle)
    Rigid table with integrated rotary axis (leftside) Rigid table with integrated round table Ø 1050 mm // 41.3 in located left side of table table load max. 1,200 kg // 2,644 lbs hydraulic clamped in position
    Removable partition wall DMF |11 Partition wall removable for pendulum machining, 2 working spaces
    Tool magazine 90 places Tool magazine 90 places SK40/HSK-A63 Chain type with double gripper
    Inner coolant supply 40Bar/980l Internal coolant supply (ICS) with paper type filter 40 Bar/980 l // 580 psi/258.8 gallon inclusive 2 rotating clear window, air purge for linear measuring system, rotary joint for main spindle
    Chip flushing for working area Flushing for working area Additional flushing of the working area doors and cabin sidewalls, Bed flushing included (only available starting internal coolant supply 980l)
    Head flushing Head flushing for machines with SK40/SK40 BIG-PLUS®, BT40 / BBT40 or CAT40 at machines with HSK-A63 it is standard Note: Option is deactivated in case of function M8
    Oil mist separator (with partition wall) Oil and emulsion mist separator system 2 pieces per machine implemented in right and left cabin side wall. mechanical filter system 2x1600 m³/h
    Minimum lubrication external Minimum lubrication external for vertical or swivel head
    Air blast through spindle centre Air blast through spindle centre activated by M function, maintained air, low oil rate possible
    Infrared measuring probe PP 600 optical Infrared touch Probe type Renishaw PP600 optical (OMP600)
    3D quickSET elevated constructuion 3D quickSET Tool kit for control and compensation of the cinematic accuracy of 5 axis machine configurations include additional fixture for elevated construction (only with option touch probe)
    Tool laser measuring Blum Laser tool measuring Blum LC50 DIGILOG Measurement of length and diameter Automatic cleaning with external air blast Calibration Tool with tool holder (not with TT 140/160 possible, for pendulum machining, please order 2 pieces)
    Tool breakage control mechanical Tool breakage control mechanical version checkable tool length 55 to 400 mm
    MPC Machine Protection Control MPC Machine Protection Control Machine protection by quick shutdown
    Signal lamp 4-colour Signal lamp, 4 colours
    Automation Interface partition wall, for left working area Automation interface for partition wall mode for one-side loading left according to DECKEL MAHO Standard consisting of: Interface (Profibus) via M65 Automatic loading via working area door 4-chanel energy supply to machine table (No change possible to oth
    Door drive for working area doors Door drive for working area doors Open / close - activated by two-hand-operation at the control panel Safety sensor technology for prevention of accidents
    Laminated safety glasses Laminated safety glass for Windows in the two front doors
    Operation mode 4 Operation mode 4 Process monitoring in the production Manual intervention with open doors of machining area. Release after check list has been filled in.
    Stop block Speedmaster Stop block HSK-A63/SK40/CAT40 for Speedmaster spindle
    ATC (Application Tuning Cycle) ATC (Application Tuning Cycle) programmable feed parameter selection for machining task: accuracy/surface/speed
    Interpolation turning 2.0 Interpolation turning 2.0 for the machining of internal and external diameter using spindle orientation with the possibility of free contour programming
    Digital Manufacturing Package Digital Manufacturing Package (1) IoTconnector Allows the use of the Online services from DMG MORI (2) Machine Data Connector (MDC) Standardized machine data interface Protocols: OPCUA, MTConnect, MQTT (3) NETservice Qualified support through internet-b
    Service Agent Service Agent Overview of all maintenance work on the machine
    Messenger V4 The latest version of DMG MORI Messenger displays web based the machine live status. It allows to analyze the machine run-time, downtime, alarms in individually configurable dashboards and transparently shows the actual status in the manufacturing shop
    Transportation traverse DMF 300|11 Lifting frame for use with crane
    Special equipment Preparation for clamping hydraulics as preparation (no def. control): 4 lines on the integrated rotary table on the left, 4 lines on the rigid table on the right (unused)
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